Nutrition is the key to healthy
living and longevity.

At Coral Bay at Pensacola, this forms the basis of our dining services, which include a wide variety of nutritious, delicious ingredients, inspired by cuisines from around the world.

Our staff includes an in-house chef whose dedication to healthful, tasty cuisine is evidenced by the appealing dishes we consistently serve. In addition, they are happy to make any adaptations or accommodations based on medical needs or preferences.

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Board-certified nutritionists play a vital role in each resident’s care team, regularly checking in to make dietary adaptations and additions wherever needed. Upon admission, we work with each resident to evaluate their nutritional health and design a plan to ensure that their dietary needs will be met. Should changes occur or needs arise, the team will gather to reevaluate and make adjustments as needed.

No matter what your dietary needs, we ensure that you will enjoy healthy, delicious food that is tailor made for you. Even better, you’ll do so with friends in our luxurious dining room, where every meal becomes an opportunity to connect.

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Give us a call: (850) 434-8071

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