“When I began Physical Therapy at Coral Bay, I started with the stair stepper on level 3 & even that was a stretch! With the therapists’ help & encouragement, things have gotten much easier & I find myself now using level 6, which is a vast improvement! Everyone in the PT department is caring & genuine. This made my experience a great one. I found there are many things that I’ve learned which can now be carried with me for future use!”



Upon admission, James required total assistance for all self-care, a Hoyer lift for transfers, and had profound functional problem-solving deficits. Today, James can care for himself and is independent with mobility from his wheelchair. His problem-solving deficits have been completely resolved and he actively participates and looks forward to therapy every day!

“They’ve kept me going in therapy. One of the greatest blessings here is Erica. She’s kept at me with walking and holding my own, working with me in every way – even walking backward and sideways! They’ve also helped me with moving my left arm to become usable and have also helped get my mind to function again. I’m so thankful that I can remember all of my life.”



Following hospitalization at Baptist Hospital after being hit by a car, Donna was transferred to Coral Bay at Pensacola for PT, OT & Speech services. Upon her admission, she required a hoyer lift for transfers, and was unable to stand on her own. Donna made tremendous progress with our therapy team and regained much of her independence!

“Thank you to everyone who helped me to go to a place so close to home. I will have my own room and I can see my wife and my dogs! I’m so happy!”



When Mr. Bean transferred to Coral Bay from a local hospital, he suffered from balance and gait problems due to Parkinson’s Disease that had resulted in previous falls at home. He also displayed memory and communication difficulties thatimpaired his activities of daily living (ADLs). Mr. Bean entered our Memory Care Unit as a possible long term-care resident, and our therapy and nursing staff began working with him to facilitate his recovery. Over the next few months, he gained confidence, compensatory techniques, problem solving, increased balance andincreased independence with functional mobility and ADLs. When ready tograduate to the next level of care, a local Assisted Living Facility was happy toprovide him with his own private suite. The Assisted Living was located less than a mile from his home where his beloved wife and dogs lived, allowing Mr. Bean to easily visit with them.

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